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SPoRTs for all course

(Standard Principles of Resuscitation and Trauma in sport) 

Endorsed by Faculty of Sports & Exercise Medicine (RCSI)

Who can attend?

First Aid in Sports course aimed at parents, players, teachers, match-officials etc who would like the skills to manage an injured athlete/player until professional help arrives.


• Basic Life Support/Defibrillation • Blocked or injured airway
• Control of bleeding
• Common medical problems


• Short core lectures
• Scenarios & team-work


• Immobilising an injured neck/spine
• Recognising Concussion
• Common limb injuries (Fractures/Dislocations) • Emergency Action planning

• Skill stations & practice
• Open and closed Discussions

To provide sport specific first aid skills and knowledge to anyone who is in attendance
at a sports game/event who may or may not have a role or expectation to help an injured player/athlete. This will ensure:

• A minimum standard of competence in sport specific first-aid skills
• The delivery of safe and appropriate first-aid to the injured player/athlete
• An increased confidence to deal with an injured athlete/player on the field of play • An opportunity to share experiences and support to other first-aiders

Those involved in sport at any level should expect a safe and appropriate level of first-aid on the filed of play or pitch-side. The dangers of the mismanagement of an injury or illness can affect future participation in sport and could also have longer-term health issues.

This could be anything from a limb injury or a concussion to an on-field cardiac arrest.

Whoever delivers the immediate first-aid to an injured player/athlete should have the confidence and competences to take charge and administer care until the arrival of professional help.

The Level 1 SPoRTS ʻfor allʼ course is designed to provide the layperson (parents, match-officials, players, teachers etc.) with the knowledge and skills within the boundaries
of safety to assess and perform immediate life saving first-aid skills to ensure that no further harm occurs to the injured athlete/player.