Part 2 BLS Course & Anaphylaxis course

Part 2 BLS Course & Anaphylaxis course

€110.00 p/p

3.5 hours

This course includes the Part 2 (skills) portion of the full BLS course. The Part 1 (HeartCode online course) must be completed before attending Part 2 The Anaphylaxis session will also be included in the course The AHA BLS course provides a 2-year certificate and Anaphylaxis 1-year.

Course Details

Part 2 BLS/AED course details 

This course will build on the Part 1 HeartCode course knowledge, and is aimed at ensuring HealthCare providers are able to promptly recognise cardiac arrest, provide high quality chest compressions and deliver appropriate ventilations. Safe defibrillation skills using an Automated External Defibrillato (AED) will be covered as per the 2020 AHA guidelines. The course also teaches how to recognise and manage a choking victim. The above areas are taught in the context of adult, child and infant rescue techniques. 
Anaphylaxis session details

This session will provide HealthCare Professionals with the knowledge on how to deal with life-threatening Anaphylaxis and deliver the Immediate Medical care required 
The course will improve your skills and knowledge to: 
·      Identify the causes, patterns and risk-factors (Epidemiology) associated with Anaphylaxis 
·      Recognise the life-threatening signs/symptoms of Anaphylaxis 
·      Discuss the relevant guidlines to support safe and effective treatment of Anaphylaxis 
·      Use cased-based discussions to reinforce key treatment approaches
·      Demonstrate drug preparation and administration

Candidate Criteria

HealthCare professionals

Course Format
  • Discussions
  • Skill stations
  • Scenarios
  • Working in teams
  • Small group work
  • Equipment familiarisation
  • Blended learning
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