A pocket mask simplifies getting an effective seal and patient head positioning, and it also reduces worries about disease transmission between you and the patient. The mask eliminates actual mouth contact, and the disposable one way valve directs patient's exhaled breath away from you. A CPR face shield (Key Ring), also commonly known as a face mask, is used during CPR to provide rescue breaths to the casualty. ... However using a CPR face shield has many advantages. The mask ensures that germs, blood and any bodily fluids are not transferred from the victim to the rescuer, reducing risk of infectious diseases. Email info@immediatecaretraining to purchase

The Immediate Care Response Bag provides a standardised medical kit that allows the HealthCare professional to provide Immediate Medical Care to the acutly injured patient. The kit has been designed for easy access to vital equipment and can be used in all pre-hospital care settings including road-side, field of play sports events, GP Clinics etc. For a full list of contents, enquiries or to purchase contact

Standard Principles of Resuscitation and Trauma in Sports (SPoRTS) Polo shirt. Ideal for anyone involved with and promoting Immediate Care in the sports setting.

Male and Female sizes

Colours: Navy or Gray

Cost €25