Covid-19 ALERT Signs

29th March 2020

Brian Carlin

We have developed some ALERT signs that can be used by anyone who would like to let their family, friends and neighbours know if they need help or not. 

There are 3 signs, each with a specific colour that relates to  the ALERT priority, namely:

RED: I/we need help now

YELLOW: I/we do not need help yet, but please check back tomorrow

GREEN: I/we have everything I need and are ok

The colours are based on a Triage system that is widely used and recognised during a major incident by pre-hospital and Hospital Healthcare organisations - where the colours relate to a time frame that treatment should be provided.

A box is provided on the sign for the individual or household to complete. Anyone who is in  a position to help can read the specific problem and help that is being sought and avoid direct contact.

These signs should be displayed in the window or door of your/their home

Good luck


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