ECG & Pharmacology course

ECG & Pharmacology course

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6 Hours (Approx.)

The American Heart Association’s ECG & Pharmacology Course delivered by Immediate Care Training (Ireland) is a classroom based, instructor led course designed to improve ECG recognition and pharmacology knowledge associated with the management of cardiovascular emergencies. This course is aimed at any healthcare professionals but is particularly of benefit for those working in the pre-hospital setting (GP’s, Practice Nurses, Ambulance Service Personnel etc.) who may have a role in the treatment of patients who suffer a cardiovascular emergency or cardiopulmonary arrest. This course can act as a precursor for those healthcare professionals and students attending an AHA ACLS course who may need further preparation support or those who are aiming to improve their own knowledge and skills in these topics. The format is flexible to allow candidates to attend the course either as two separate sessions or as a full course

Course Details

Course Contents

- Key 2014 AHA Guidelines changes in CPR/ECG
- Basic electrophysiology
- Normal ECG measurements
- Basic arrhythmia recognition
- Basic ACLS drugs and usage
- Drugs: Doses and routes of administration during cardiovascular emergencies
- Principles for the administration of the indicated drugs as per the key AHA ACLS algorithms

The course format is learner centred facilitated by case studies, small group work, and workbook tasks.

Why the course?

- Enhanced ECG recognition to attain competency required for ACLS certification
- Improved knowledge on the effective use of the medications used during peri-arrest or cardiac arrest
- Improved the potential for achieving Provider status for those attending and AHA ACLS course
- Improve understanding in the key ACLS algorithms used during a cardiopulmonary arrest and cardiovascular emergency
- Improve knowledge and skills retention of topics through learner-centred approaches & modular course design

  • 6 hours (ECG 3 hours; Pharmacology 3 hours)


  • Certificate of completion by the American Heart Association (AHA)
  • AHA ECG & Pharmacology Student Workbook (Provided as part of the course pre-course and on-course reference)


Candidate Criteria

All Healthcare professionals who have a role and responsibility to manage patients suffering from cardiopulmonary emergencies and cardiopulmonary arrest Ambulance Service Personnel RGNs Doctors

Course Format
  • Guideline lecture
  • Discussions
  • Skill stations
  • Scenarios
  • Small group work
  • Equipment familiarisation
  • Competency-based assessment
  • Blended learning
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