HeartCode (HC) online & BLS for HealthCare professionals face to face course.

HeartCode (HC) online & BLS for HealthCare professionals face to face course.

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90 minutes online - 2 hours face-to-face

This is the full course which includes access to the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) where candidates will complete the online HeartCode portion, this is followed by attendance at the face-to-face course for skills practice. Both courses have Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points awarded for medical staff from the ICGP and Continuing Education Units (CEU's) for nursing staff from the INMB on successful completion the certificates and access to the VLE will have a duration of 2- years

Course Details

HeartCode portion

Features of the course
·       Updated science and education reflecting the 2015 AHA Guidelines
·       Includes in-facility and prehospital settings; student chooses his/her setting before starting the HeartCode BLS Online Portion
·       Enhanced learning experience through eSimulations, life-like animations, video scenarios, and knowledge checks
·       Accessible version available for students with hearing, vision, and/or motor impairments on only

Course Content
·       New science and education from the 2015 AHA Guidelines Update for CPR and EC
·       The components of high-quality CPR for adults, children, and infants
·       The AHA Chain of Survival for prehospital and in-facility providers
·       Important early use of an AED
·       Effective ventilations using a barrier device
·       Importance of teams in Multirescuer resuscitation and performance as an effective team member during Multirescuer CPR
·       Relief of foreign-body airway obstruction (choking) for adults and infants
Student Materials
·   A licence with be purchased for access to the online HeartCode BLS course. This will be forwarded to individual students
·    An accessible version is available for students with hearing, vision, and/or motor impairments

Course format/time
·   Blended Learning (online portion, followed by hands-on session)
·   The online portion of HeartCode BLS can be completed in approximately 3 to 4 hours (or less)
·   Time to complete the hands-on session is approx.. 3 hours, depending on the experience of the student.

Course Completion Certificate
·  AHA BLS Provider Course Completion Card will be issued at the end of the course, this is valid for 2-years

Once candidates have signed up for HEARTCODE they will receive instructions on how to access the online course

If anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Face-To-Face portion

According to the Out-Of-Hospital Cardiac Arrests (OHCAs) 2015 annual report (Ireland), 69% of OHCAs occurred in the home, with 50% un-witnessed. Outcome from OHCA remains poor: only 6.7% of patients with non-traumatic cardiac arrest who have received resuscitation emergency medical services (EMS) survive to hospital discharge. BLS is the foundation for saving lives after cardiac arrest. 

Fundamental aspects of BLS include: Immediate recognition of sudden cardiac arrest and activation of the emergency response system/resuscitation teams, Early CPR, and rapid defibrillation with an AED. 

Data continues to demonstrate that high-quality CPR improves survival from cardiac arrest, including:

Ensuring chest compressions of adequate rate & depth
Allowing full chest recoil between compressions
Minimizing interruptions in chest compressions
Avoiding excessive ventilation
The 2015 Guidelines Update includes an updated recommendation for a simultaneous, planned approach to performance of chest compressions, airway management, rescue breathing, rhythm detection, and shocks (if indicated) by an integrated team of trained rescuers in applicable settings.

When a simultaneous, planned approach to managing an OHC VF arrest, survival can approach 50%. However, survival rates remain low, but there is an opportunity for improvement in many settings through training and preparation.

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Course Format
  • Discussions
  • Skill stations
  • Scenarios
  • Working in teams
  • Small group work
  • Blended learning
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